Friday, 23 November 2007

The Kitchenslut Evolution

We are about food in Cairns. With a new independent focus on reviewing our restaurants and cafe's.

Too long have we put up with the failure of our media to provide anything other than advertising mush.We may also delve into other lifestyle aspects in Cairns related to food or entertainment.

Some may ask what our credentials are to review food and dining establishments. We are not chefs, or restauranteurs; we are just a group of like minded people who dine out - a lot - and wish to share our experiences honestly - the good, the bad and the fantastic...

Please remember this site is an opinion, a public diary of thoughts and feelings, that we are prepared to make public. It is not an encyclopaedia or definitive reference. It is about our experiences, as we experienced and felt them...

We look forward to, and welcome, your contributions as we evolve...

And here is the rest of it.


CBD Advisor said...

Weekly "out of business" alert:

A sign on the door indicates the popular "Bellalissamo" gelateria (back side of Night Markets) is closed, never to open again. Unknown if bankrupt of just a victim of the huge CBD slowdown.

Of the other popular ice creameries, Baskin 31 and NZ Natural still look to be busy, but the new Cold Rock and Movenpick look to be goners, especially with the high rents charged in the Trilogy building.

KitchenSlut said...

CBD Advisor, I would be very keen for more info on rents charged in the Trilogy relative to other CBD locations given that my suspicion in general is that that entire block is a rort with regards to the Council rates it pays.

My understanding is that Villa Romana owns its premises and combined with its occupation of footpath space on Aplin St I suspect its costs for prime space provide substantial competitive advantage?

Arthur Festerbestertester said...

kitcheslut, i was wondering whether you had any ideas about a chicken sauce. i like a stry fry, but am getting a bit bored with the hoisin or blackbean or oyster variety. i have had a go at making a concentrated chicken sauce using stock and a few frames, herbs and vegies, but can't get it to a thick enough consistency without too much flour of some sort - the last thing i want to end up with is a white sauce. any suggestions?

KitchenSlut said...

Thanks Festerbestertester have sent out for some innovative ideas from faithful advisers and will try to do a post incorporating good recipe links as well.

I wont claim to be any kind of cooking expert at all. I have never learnt to follow a recipe and outcomes defy any kind of gaussian statistics with results either excellent or abysmal.

Curiously, this also fits with a theme of a fave financial author Nassim Taleb of Black Swans fame who advised before the GFC of the danger of belief and non recognition of the flaws in statistical concepts derived form congtrolled environments.

If I had thought about my own cooking as a metaphor for financial volatility i may have been wealthier today hmmmm interesting ......

I dont often use chicken at home mainly because, as you have said, it needs something else interesting to make it work.

It has become a boring 'manufactured' meat. For me it only works as either a roast of a good quality free range chook, or as an asian stir fry to carry the other flavours which is I think where you are coming from?

Maybe there is potiential here also for a post on cheaper 'recession recipes' however my own approach to cooking at home for a memorable experience is simple....

1) If you really want it to be good get good ingredients.
2) Don't attempt anything before consumption of half a bottle of wine.
3) Slightly undercooked is better than overcoked.
4) 2 & 3 may conflict in practice.

I know this doesn't really help and have a busy few weeks with some deadlines but thanks for the inspiration for an upcoming post:)

Clifton Media Watcher said...

Decided to try the "Tandoori Oven" restaurant at the Mercure Rockford Palm Cove hotel.

While it was a little pricey (Indian food is usually not a high-priced item), the food was I though exceptionally good. The curry's weren't just spicy but a great balance of flavours that made it something special. Even the naan were cooked to perfection.

One item marred the experience however. The restaurant and/or hotel has a large air handler/air conditioner in the building just above the outdoor dining area. The ROAR of this unit made talking with my partner difficult, and completely destroyed the quiet ambience that one usually expects at Palm Cove.

The restaurant denied it was theirs, and the hotel manager was unhelpful.

Why don't people pay any attention to details? This is a serious flaw in this restaurant that, despite the great food and service, will stop us from going back to this restaurant.

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