Wednesday, 2 January 2008

languidly lunching at M Yogo

I had wondered if restuarant vandalism had struck down at The Pier? But no ...... it was simply a simplification ..... or a recognision that the initial marketing was a stuff up that has transformed Mature Yogo into simply M Yogo!

Regardless and unapolagetically this is still easily the best place along the tourist strip for its interesting menu and quality of food and service by so far that it should be embarrassing for some higher profile establishments. This is not to denigrate the basic quality of the others it's just that they are too often so damned boring and conformist with their menu and format that it's hard to find a reason to be there?

I confess that several recent excursions to M Yogo have been confined to luncheons and enhanced by the company of the most exceptional women I know in Cairns. The best company will always make the day and the M Yogo lunch format provides a perfect accompaniment to go with such company and conversation as you gaze out watching the boats come and go at the marina. For the quality of the food the lunch deals are genuine value!!

There are 2 lunch formats; For $20 you can do a soup & main; for $28 you can do an amuse, main, desert & coffee. I have had lunch 3 times in the last few months at M Yogo and both are the best value you can get in this town for this quality. The M Yogo website provides comprehensive menu info.

The atlantic salmon done as a crepe always seems to get a rave! Between friends we have now sampled most of the lunch menu with no dissent. So suss out the risotto and also dont let the sultry climate deter from the delightfully hot soup! The amuse's are small treats which provide a delightful diversion!

How more seductive can you get than watching your companion swallow her poached oyster in vichyssoise from a shot glass .............. amuse indeed ...... enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

I agree yummyyy. They recently change the lunch menu... which I loved sooo much, everything is great!! food view value and price!!

Anonymous said...

Better than most, but not good enough, although it was a night early in the week, which is never really a good time for guests.

Attentive and professional staff; maybe a bit eager to push the preferred food and drink du jour.

oysters in champagne sauce good. veal good. salmon overcooked by a minute.

And another thing about this salmon: it needs to be treated with zing zing zing to make it sing sing sing.

otherwise it is tres ordinaire.

Nothing really to make M Yogo stand out from the crowded pier deck.

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