Friday, 23 November 2007

sweet madelaine

We are not alone! Sweet Madelaine has also been discovered as a fellow food blogger with devine literary skills.

It would be remiss not to recommend that you take a look at Sweet Madelaine who has recently written beautifully on Fuson Organics in the fine old brick ambulance station building on the corner of Applin and Grafton.


sweet madelaine said...

Bonjour cher amies,
A slut in the kitchen, a chef in the bedroom, HUBBA! I can only envy.
Site looks great, the pink is slutty yet coy, tres boudoir.
One problem, I couldn't access your top ten. Probably something to do with the server, right (she said in a desperate attempt to hide ludditism - possibly not a word - *sighs*)?
Thanks for the recommendation, I shall link immediately. I look forward to reading.

Anonymous said...

mmm...i think perhaps the title is apt as food is the essence of the soul and eating fine food is
in itself an intimate relationship between diner and delicacy. All the best with your reviews. Dont hold back. I would like to see the dining experience truthfully exposed.

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