Monday, 10 December 2007

Al Porto - a little cafe with big taste

Well much debate was had between the lady friends about visiting this cafe on the water overlooking the boats at the Reef Fleet Terminal at the (very) water end of Spence Street. Some said they had had terrible experiences in the past - others said it was one of their favourites.

So, we tried it out. Eleven Luscious Ladies joined the taste test and overall it got the thumbs up. The menu is predominantly Italian with plenty of variety. The meals arrived within 10 minutes for 10 of the 11 ladies. Just one was well overdue.

Service was friendly and attentive. I was impressed by the young waitress who took coffee orders and payment from the table, although the system was to order/pay from the counter. She certainly understood the key to good women's business is not interrupting the flow of conversation!

The meals themselves were very large and certainly could have been shared between two. Especially ladies and at lunch time. I found my chicken and mushroom risotto hot and fresh but rather bland. The Cannelloni and salad was voted very good as was the 'special' Cabonara.

With mains priced between $15-19 for pasta. I would recommend sharing. Then when you add a glass of wine and/or coffee you still have a well priced lunch that leaves you satisfied.

The view is terrific, if rather windy, as it can be down on Trinity Inlet. It was not overly noisy although busy. Well worth giving Al Porto a try for yourself.

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