Monday, 3 December 2007

Hole-in-the-Wall Curry aka The Curry Bowl

I've been frequenting this fantastic cheap lunch spot for years. Hiding in the Mainstreet Arcade between Lake and Grafton Streets, it is one of several good cheap eateries in this arcade. A friend introduced me about 10 years ago and I've been getting my curry fixes here ever since. You can get a medium sized plate of mixed curry (with popodom) and a bottle of water for $10. The curry is fresh, spicy and consistent. The chilli potatoes are divine and you can top up the heat with freshly chopped chilli pieces when you order. I go for the 'meat eaters' plate that includes a generous spoon of beef curry but a vegetarian option is available for a slightly reduced price. There is also curried pumpkin, dahl, curried mixed vegetables and rice all available and usually I mix the lot (with a slightly bigger spoon of the chilli potatoes - they are my favourite after all - there's nothing better than slightly numb lips after a good curry!)


Looking for a good cheap Indian curry. said...

Is this still there?

I've looked around and can't find it.

KitchenSlut said...

Yes, it is still there. Mainstreet Arcade runs between Lake and Grafton. The Lake St entrance is near the bus station with the Ever After coffee and book shop at the entrance.

This is a small lunch foodcourt with a Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Snoogies healthy food and Curry Bowl. As foodcourts go this small selection is certainly more appealing and interesting than the appalling Nighmarkets or Central.

I have no idea if Curry Bowl has maintained standards since the Estimable Essence was a lunch patron. Small meat curries are $8; medium $9 and large $10.

Cairns seems to be quite well served for Indian with Marinades, Tandoori Oven and Mother India, as well as the Spicey Bites outlets. Royal India is also set to open on The Esplanade, curiously just around the corner from Spicey Bites. A curry at Spicey Bites is around $18 to $19 average.

Arthur said...

the Thai place sells a variety of fresh and crunchy rice-paper wraps at $3 each, two of which make a very delicious meal. Perhaps the best value in Cairns, and soooooo healthy.

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