Monday, 26 November 2007

stirfry wok friday at eBAR

What were they thinking of when places such as Tradewinds and Holiday Inn were constructed to tuck their restuarants away in the back corner and leave spaces fronting the Esplanade barely used? Tradewinds has always stood out for the unfulfilled potential of its wide verandah and adjacent garden.

Since coming under the Rydges banner the potential has at last been recognised and fresh ideas are being tried, the latest being stirfry wok friday at eBar. Bring some friends and this is a great way to unwind at the end of the week with blues from the Steve Anderson band from 5 til 9pm.

The food format is simple. Your choice of chicken, beef, prawns or veges. Select your noodle from udon, hokkien, flat rice. Sauces are sate, oyster, or sweet chilli. Then you choose from an array of fresh veges; capsicum, onion, mushrooms, red cabbage, chillis, zuchini and more ....... garlic and ginger ...... all tantalisingly displayed. Your choices are then 'woked up' right there and delivered to you on the deck with your blues and Esplanade views.

Tasty, filling and nutricious! Prices are $12 to $14 for a small size 'wok up' and $16 to $18 for large. Bring your friends after work on a friday and give it a go! Cairns needs to give these things a chance .......

Friday, 23 November 2007

sweet madelaine

We are not alone! Sweet Madelaine has also been discovered as a fellow food blogger with devine literary skills.

It would be remiss not to recommend that you take a look at Sweet Madelaine who has recently written beautifully on Fuson Organics in the fine old brick ambulance station building on the corner of Applin and Grafton.

Restaurant Guide

restaurants, cafes in cairns, port douglas & tableland ... the best food, flavours & dining experiences in tropical north queensland!

Al Porto

Anise (Brisbane)

As You Like It

Banana Leaf

Bel Paese

Bull Bar

Bushfire Flamegrill (Pacific International)

Cedar Park Rainforest Resort


Cho Gao

Curry Bowl

eBar(Rydges Tradewinds)


Jardines (Colonial Club)

La Porchetta

Lilypad Cafe

M Yogo

Naked Nut

Out Of The Whey (Mungalli Dairy)


RSL Club

Sacred Spice

Salsa Bar

Salted Vue

Ti Adoro

Tides (Shanri La)

Twelve Bar and Cafe (12BC)

Undara Experience

The Kitchenslut Evolution

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Too long have we put up with the failure of our media to provide anything other than advertising mush.We may also delve into other lifestyle aspects in Cairns related to food or entertainment.

Some may ask what our credentials are to review food and dining establishments. We are not chefs, or restauranteurs; we are just a group of like minded people who dine out - a lot - and wish to share our experiences honestly - the good, the bad and the fantastic...

Please remember this site is an opinion, a public diary of thoughts and feelings, that we are prepared to make public. It is not an encyclopaedia or definitive reference. It is about our experiences, as we experienced and felt them...

We look forward to, and welcome, your contributions as we evolve...

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