Thursday, 24 April 2008

Bush Breakie at the Ringer's Camp

A trip to Undara Experience (275km SW Cairns on the Savannah Way) would not be complete without joining Kay and Stevo for breakfast ($22) round the campfire at the Ringer's Camp. No electricity here...bacon, eggs, beans and fresh tomatoes cooked on the BBQ with fresh brewed coffee and billy tea from the open fire. My absolute favourite is cooking my toast from a hand-made toasting fork over the hot coals - there is nothing better - soft fresh bread on the inside with crispy toasted outside and the permeating taste of wood smoke. Then slather said hot toast with butter and vegemite. Devine! Just like I remember breakfast at my Aunt's cooked on the Arga...

I had made the trip to Undara to enjoy their Outback Country Rock and Blues event. Camping in the Safari Shelter ($18pp/pn) with our own camp kitchen (hot & cold water, free gas BBQ, tables & chairs, electric light, electricity points) and campfire pit, reserved camp area, easy access to a little frequented amenties block with plenty of water pressure and HOT water it was a classy way to raise the canvas. We could have joined the masses in the main camp ground for a tiny $8pp/pn.

The event itself gets better each year. Undara obviously invests all the income from the event into the music (as they should). The band quality was excellent with 23 musicians and wall-to-wall music across the weekend. They programmed music from 6pm til after 1am each morning and those with the stamina could join the artists around the campfire til the wee small hours (I heard 3.30am...). There was live aqcoustic music at breakfast each morning and performers entertaining through lunch and into the afternoon. My personal favourite was Luke O'Shea and Medicine Wheel but Felicity Urquart, The Flood, Nellie Donovan & The Rain, Steve Eales, Mark Nuske, Shane Flew, Keri McInerney and Corey Livey all took to the stages to appreciative crowds.

Clear skys, cool temperatures, a full moon and quality entertainment combined to make a top weekend. I'll definately be back and encouraging as many of my friends to join me as possible. What better excuse do you need to head west....

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