Thursday, 10 April 2008

Come on Cairns, let's get with the service

I've written before about my out-of-town friend who stops for a quick coffee or meal and a catch up with me after business before flying back South...well Friday 28 March was one of those days.

12 noon on a Friday lunch time. We walked across the road from the private hospital to the new Italian restaurant Rimmini for a quick coffee. THEY WERE CLOSED. Who doesn't open for lunch on a Friday with a catchment as large as a private hospital and attached specialty medical services...We couldn't even get coffee, and I thought the Italians saw espresso as a meal in itself to be savoured...

So...we jumped in the car and popped around to Fusion (in the Old Ambulance building). Now I've posted on these guys before and said they have great food and better than average service. Well, not this time. I told my friend - "should be fine for a quick coffee, they have lots of corporate business, they understand the need for quick" - hhmmm... ordered and paid for the coffee ok, but 20 minutes later no sign of said coffee. It wasn't busy (maybe two other tables). Went inside to enquire and they hadn't even started...we walked away without our coffee and unfortunately it means I won't be back with my business.

Come on Cairns, we can do it. You have done it before.


Megan from Imaginif said...

Welcome back to blog land.

We had a similar over extended waiting period last Saturday at Smithfield (admittedly it was busy and ALL the visible staff were juniors).

We ordered coffee and cake. Thirty five minutes later our order arrived - coffee was wrong (ordered a latte and a decaf flat white - I got a decaf latte!!!).

Somebody needs to train junior staff in customer service - a smile, some eye contact and a little clarification if order is misunderstood is not too much to ask for.

SFO Tropical Tourists said...

We've just finished a vacation in Cairns and appreciated finding your blog.

We agree that there is lots of bad restaurant service in Cairns. We think from too many backpackers as staff, and the lack of "tipping" culture which creates higher motivation for staff in countries where it's done.

We did have two really great experiences, though. One was a Japanese restaurant called Yama (I think on Grafton street) that was friendly and competent. And the other was the Baskin Robins ice cream store on the Esplanade across from the swimming lagoon. Staff there were extremely hard working and always friendly and chatty. And they knew lots of tourist information about Cairns - and it's really the best ice cream in the world.

We loved Cairns and can't wait to return!

Anonymous said...

Next time instead of "Fusion" try "Twelve B.C" I work smack bang in the middle of the 2 and find the latter to be superior in most aspects.

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