Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Hip Hip Horray! Yum with a smile

I've been wanting to try out Chocolat cafe under the Outrigger on the Esplanade for a while and not had a good excuse. Well I don't need an excuse now. This little gem goes in my favourites.

Hallelujah!! I've found someone who gets it!

The two ladies running this little shop of delights welcomed me with smiles and friendly, engaging salutations - even though it was after 4pm and they were probably looking forward to going home. Although my colleague and I didn't leave til 5.40pm, they remained happy to have us in their courtyard and didn't hint for us to leave. And throughout, any service provided was relaxed, polite and fun. THANK YOU!

And.... the coffee was hot, flavoursome, fresh and well presented. Must have been good - we had two cups each. I bounced through my evening! To compliment our coffees we selected two treats from the pastries section of the cafe. A white and milk chocolate mousse ($4.95) and baked cheesecake ($5.95). The staff happily cut these in half for us so we could share.

The mousse was smooooth (not a spelling mistake), rich, but not over powering. The cheesecake was baked to perfection on top of a florentine style base and topped with ground pistachio nuts and white chocolate shards.

The selection available at Chocolat is amazing. A cabinet bursting with pastry selections to die for; a light meal cabinet with fresh salads and open sandwiches - I'll have to try them next time; and then a third cabinet filled with their name sake - chocolate. There's a waiting list for my taste buds here...

A great talking point are the wedding cakes on display in the front window. The Chocolatier's skill in building these masterpieces is equal to any cathedral stone mason. They give new meaning to the saying "death by chocolate".

There is seating inside in the air conditioning but we chose to sit in the courtyard between Outrigger and The Courthouse Hotel. On an autumn afternoon the sun was bright without being too hot and it reminded me of the town squares I have sat in throughout provincial France. We selected the best table in the courtyard under a shady tree and had to prise ourselves away to other commitments.

Try this cafe yourself. I hope you are as impressed.


Chuckie said...

They do 'salad' at CHOCOLAT'??? forgive me for not noticing! This place is the epitomy of decadence, and yes, the young man who served us on a busy Saturday morning after an outing to the gallery was very pleasant!

Chuckie said...

...oh and i think the white & milk chocolate mousse is 1 of the little delights we ordered that day?... if it is 1 & the same it's aptly called 'Two Tone Mousse', affectionately dubbed by my family as the Two Tonne Mousse... not that there is anything heavy about the mousse, but they reckoned that is what i will weigh if i frequent this establishment!!

Chocolate Lover said...

I too have enjoyed Chocolat, and am waiting to see what the German owner does with the shuttered restaurant at Clifton Village.

I did have one gripe with Chocolat however - during the run-up to Easter they had NO chocolate bunnies or other Easter treats. Seemed kind of shortsighted to me. . .

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