Monday, 14 April 2008

Franchise opportunity?

Here at the kitchenslut we are fervent in our support of innovation and fresh concepts to provide greater diversity to our food experiences. So, Penis anyone?

Hmmm, next time we are down near Cafe China maybe we could ask what the chances are of them getting their hands on a length of yak's penis? Given responses from certain associates when queried as to whether they had ever tasted penis we must be careful how we phrase this ...... but perhaps there is a 'penis gourmet' out there who can advise on matching wines?

Personally, the kitchenslut was more motivated by the suggestion in the article of a succulent donkey vulva ...... not too rare thanks chef!!!

Isn't it great to see a restuarant using such fresh produce! I'm not aware that the Cooking in the Danger Zone series from the BBC has made it out here yet, but looks like one to watch for more adventurous food addicts?

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