Thursday, 10 April 2008

RSL fills up the Hungry Hunter

The RSL has taken a bit of a beating in the paper lately about its membership policy. But I've never been asked to join, even as a social member. And their restaurant is a great value for money feed, in a great Esplanade position.

The Roast of the Day and Steak and Veges is generous, fresh, well presented and tasty for less than $20. From memory (I dined there last in March) the Roast was about $12 and the steak about $18 - with a glass of wine ($5) still good value.

I can sit out on the (narrow) balcony right on the Esplanade, people watch, listen to the live entertainment (in my experience a guy with a guitar singing covers of 50's-70's hits - perfect for the RSL market) and have a good conversation. Half a block further in the same experience will cost me twice this...

Happy to continue supporting the RSL.

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