Friday, 9 May 2008

12BC (Bar & Cafe) in City Place well recommended

Thank you "anonomous" for your helpful referal to try 12BC on the corner of Lake and Shield Sts under the Cairns Historical Society at City Place... I was whinging about bad coffee shop service and you recommended giving these guys a try...

Took the same out-of-town time-poor friend there for coffee today and the service was fast, friendly and helpful. The coffee was good and my friend's ham cheese and tomato toasted panini came out quickly and was the right antidote to a missed breakfast.

We sat in the sunshine at their outdoor tables, enjoyed the autumn day and the free live entertainment under the 'mushroom', and caught up on all the news. Isn't that what coffee shops are for...

Would recommend 12BC, give them a go.


the kitchen slut said...

My personal preference for the 'mushroom' in City Place is a D9 bulldozer to reopen Lake St with additional public space, or mall, along Shields. The money wasted on City Place has become stupid and just clogs the city with traffic and crime.

I was also a bit confused about where BC was when the anonymous tip came in, as it has been renamed more recently I think?

But also remember it as a convenient place for a pre/post movie drink or coffee in the City.

Megan from Imaginif said...

We coffee and smoke salmon for a quick lunch often at 12BC. We've been going there since it opened 50,000 years ago as Swagman's Rest.

Hate the City Mall nowadays though - no soul and certainly no personality. Same with the Pier - used to be fun but now it's dead. Shields St is definitely our pick.

Tonight, Mother's Day night, the boys are cooking for me (home delivered La Porchettas). Never look a gift horse in the mouth I say: I am just grateful I don't have to organise, cook, serve or even drive to town.

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