Friday, 9 May 2008

eBar revisited

The usual evening walk along The Esplanade was yet again interrupted on a friday by the live blues at eBar ..... which is the front balcony of the Tradewinds. We have posted on this before when Rydges first started trying different formats at the long neglected Esplanade frontage.

Good on Rydges for trying different formats, and I was disappointed when they gave away the wok stir fry format after our first post. There were other ideas trialled such as a gourmet hot dog's. Any new format needs to be given a decent go and it was good to see the wok back on the Tradewinds balcony again tonight after a long hiatus!

The range wasn't quite as wide as the previous post, just beef or chicken with 2 choices of noodle, and now in a cardboard container ...... but the fresh wok smell on the balcony was just too much to resist and lured me in from the boardwalk. Fresh, tasty with the blues pumping away in the background for atmosphere on a fine night.

Check whats on as it can vary, and as before with the first post on this location give this a go, maybe the best friday after work option around and Cairns needs to give this kind of thing a decent go and let it work!

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