Thursday, 29 May 2008

travelling temptations

The kitchenslut is currently wandering around the declining cultural wastelands of the northern hemisphere and while its a looooong way from Cairns we will jot some notes and maybe update as we go on the culinary highlights .....

1) The Neal's Yard Dairy cheese shop in Soho is brilliant iwth an eclectic selection of English farm produce cheeses. I posted in a rush on this a few days ago over at the comments on Mungalli Farm. So I wont repeat myself other than to emphasise this is not to be missed by any desciples of fromage!!

2) After procuring your rare designer cheese wander just a few streets away for some Coffee, Cake & Kink! Here you can enjoy tasty treats and fine coffee while you browse the latest trends in some very artistic ceramic sex toy design, or only the best quality whips and feathers . Or savour your espresso while perusing the latest in erotic literature. A great place perhaps for a girls morning coffee?!

3) Ok, if you haven't coped with that last one maybe this will bring your head back into equilibrium? I haven't actually been inisde because 'Garlic and Shots' in Soho is only open in the evening and I wandered by in the morning on a London Walk tour of the area and it was recommended by the guide. This is a speciality shop in Frith St for all things garlic. If your are so inclined, you and your lover can even do a late night garlic icecream after a night out to fuel your passion!!

4) Fish & Chips is an English speciality and surprisingly given our many British tourists i'm not sure we have any outstanding specialist fish'n'chippery in Cairns to match the better Pommy establishments?? Near Covent Garden, the 'Rock & Sole Place' lives up to the traditional image, including optional mushy peas. Although it's somewhat disturbing to be joined at the table by some local lads intent on a simple diet of just chips n mushy peas ..... hmmm i'm just a visitor, whats their excuse for the mushy peas I wonder?

5) Cornwall is a great experience for simple good local seafood, local farm produce .... and veges!! They are damned proud of their local fresh produce and never miss an opportunity to spruik it. Without doubt the best veges I have ever had (sorry mum) were consistently in Cornwall every night at the Dolphin Inn pub, and Sophia's in Penzance, and the Old Coastguard Hotel in Mousehole (pronounced mowsell). Cauliflower, asparagus, potato ..... simply steamed but perfectly exceptional ..... mmmmm!!

Best meal so far in the UK at Sophia's on the Promenade in Penzance. Langoustines (or Norway lobsters) in a light bisquey sauce to start, small crayfish about the size of redclaw. Local beef in makeson stout with horseradish mash ..... and those veges ..... simple but superb!

6) The Pump Room in Bath. The food was fine and cultivated, as was to be expected. But the attraction here is the ambience. A room with fantastic English atmosphere within the Roman Baths buildings and a pianist accompanied by cello and violin in the heart of the 'Venice of Britain' .... throw in some good company, a bottle of wine, and typical English drizzle fogging the windows for a very memorable lunch. And the option of a glass of genuine warm Bath water at the end of your meal :-/

To be continued .......


Megan from Imaginif said...

Oh no! I LOVE Bath and I have had itchy feet just recently. As much as I tried to get into Sally Lund's buns I just couldn't....but the clotted cream: YUM!

I shall now have to dampen my itchiness by imagining tucking into a cup full of Jellied Eels on Brighton's pebble beach. Errgh vomit.

AS for fishnchipperies in Cairns - when you come home try the seafood produce shop at the end of Greenslopes St (opposite Toobruk pool end). You pick your fish super fresh and they crumb, grill or batter. Very nice. Chips are supposedly cooked in low trans fats too - not real sure about that claim though.

Stay safe while away. It is freezing here.

Christie @ fig&cherry said...

While in Soho, did you get a chance to go to Bodean's BBQ Smokehouse or Mr Jerk? They are a must!

Here's what I mean:

the kitchen slut said...

Thanks Christie! Just back in London after a short sojourn in France but only one more night here and may poke around Soho / Covent garden tomorrow evening!

Found another wonderful small casual place and had a fab fish pie while wandering around uppity South Kensington this arvy and will try and update post soon ....

C'est Bon ;-)

the kitchen slut said...

Mr Jerk and more to be updated soon ..... thanbks Christie :-)

the kitchen slut said...

Yes Megan, the clotted cream!! Will try and blog without getting too far away from Cairns!! Didn't try any escapades with Sally Lund's buns though :-)

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