Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Cuisine & Country

For lovers of both food and art comes Cuisine and Country: A gastronomic venture in Australian art, opening at the Cairns Regional Gallery on August 1:

"Conceived and assembled by idependent curator Gavin Wilson, Cuisine & Country is the first major touring exhibition based on work inspired by food - related matters. Food is absolutely essential to our existence, and, as this exhibition demonstrates, its involvement with art is a serious and beautiful conjunction. Among the artists on display are: Margaret Preston; John Olsen; William Dobell; Herbert Badham; Brett Whiteley; Yirawala; Fred Williams; Emily Kngwarreye; Cressida Campbell; Jeff Carter, Yvonne Koolmatrie; Anne Zahalka; Kerry Trapnell; Ivan Durrant; Garry Shead; David Keeling; Euan MacLeod; Ben Quilty; Julie Poulsen and Ray Crooke.
In all, the exhibition consists of over 90 works by 50 artists – historic, modernist and contemporary, that includes paintings, graphics, photography and sculptural installations drawn from the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the State Library of New South Wales and other major collections. A diverse collection of indigenous works adds to the intriguing narrative that recognises the age-old engagement with country as a vital food resource in wild and remote regions.
The exhibition examines the long standing relationship of art to food in Australia, from prehistoric times to the present.
The cohesive element in Cuisine & Country is the fact that food is an almost boundless source of inspiration – relishing produce, preparing a meal, sharing a meal (or not), a picnic, a camp site, slow food, fast food, drinking and feasting. Along with this fine body of work comes an atmosphere of conviviality – an ideal catalyst for stimulating conversation."


Arthur Festerbestertester said...

yes indeed, a very excellent show. and some very funny moments as well. also worth having a squiz at is the new pottery exhibition. the cairns potters stand up very very well amongst the international pieces. foodies might want to spend a bit of time contemplating the png cooking bowls and how they'd manage with them.

the kitchen slut said...

Haven't been in for a look at this yet myself festerbestertester but definitely on my 'to do' list this week.

Interesting comments on the local pottery. My Mum's neighbour is very close to eminent Australian artist Charles Blackman, amd apparently Charlie B has quite a bit of pottery by a Cairns guy named Michael Pugh. Don't recall seeing anything by Pugh around town but would be interested to find out if he's still around?

Restaurant Reporter said...

We're now going to start seeing the collapse of restaurants in Cairns, due to the slowing economy.

The first high-profile victim looks to be Mangostine's, on the Esplanade. They've gone bankrupt this week, owing thousands to vendors and employees. And vendors like Bidvest and local meat purveyors report that, instead of getting 'caught up" during the tourist season, dozens of restaurants still have large balances that will also lead to their demise.

Other victims look to be the gross oversupply of ice cream/gelato shops in the CBD. Word is the shop on the west side of the night markets, as well as the virtually new Movenpeck's are on the ropes.

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