Thursday, 13 November 2008

Credit Crisis Christmas Menu

Cassandra does Tokyo has compiled a special credit crisis Christmas menu amongst her examination of surreality in equity markets to celebrate one of the more memorable years of financial history .... although you may need to be a financial markets tragic for full appreciation!

That Credit Crisis Xmas Menu (in full)
* * * *


Post Millennial NV Bubbly

Chateau Kerviel, Cremant de Bourgogne

Brazilian Blood-Orange Emerging Market Caprinha

Crunchy Xmas Punch (Vodka + Kool-Aid)

* * * *

First Course

Sashimi Fillet of Quant Arbitrageur

Northern Rockfish Fricasee

Grilled-Icelandic Shrimp Cocktail

Swiss [Bank] Mini-Fondue

* * * *


Short-Squeezed Lemon-Lime Sorbet

* * * *

Main Course

Corn-Fed Not-So-Prime Sirloin Roast

TARPfish Brochettes (avec sauce surprise)

HF Manager's Po' Boy Special (with redemption sauce)

Mrs Watanabe's "Inside-Out" Carry-Trade Dragon Rolls (ZIRP filling)

Lehman-AIG Surf-n-Turf

served with...

Fully-Coupled Asian Mercantile Gratin

Julienne of Private Equity & Emerging Markets

Roasted Commodities of the Day (halved or quartered)

* * * *


Congressional Oversight Pudding

Destagflationary Tarte w/creme anglaise

Crepes Distressee

Unemployment Souffle

* * * *

Cioffi & T+1

Petits Two's

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char said...

how does one email you? we are hoping you could Guest Blog sometime at Harmonics in Cairns: Real Lifestyle Change.

We love food! good food. And Cairns is high quality.

Adelfi was the last outing for our Harmonics business dinner~ superb!


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