Friday, 23 November 2007

Restaurant Guide

restaurants, cafes in cairns, port douglas & tableland ... the best food, flavours & dining experiences in tropical north queensland!

Al Porto

Anise (Brisbane)

As You Like It

Banana Leaf

Bel Paese

Bull Bar

Bushfire Flamegrill (Pacific International)

Cedar Park Rainforest Resort


Cho Gao

Curry Bowl

eBar(Rydges Tradewinds)


Jardines (Colonial Club)

La Porchetta

Lilypad Cafe

M Yogo

Naked Nut

Out Of The Whey (Mungalli Dairy)


RSL Club

Sacred Spice

Salsa Bar

Salted Vue

Ti Adoro

Tides (Shanri La)

Twelve Bar and Cafe (12BC)

Undara Experience


Anonymous said...

Salt House.
Great setting but the service is poor and the food is average. Like so many restaurants in Cairns they live and die on service.
At the moment they are basking in the hype of a new destination and all the advertising but it won't last.
The diners who observed a patron having an epileptic seizure and dealt with the whole event as the staff avoided any involvement could testify to that!

Anonymous said...

Salt House has a great location and would well be suited to providing better service for the locals who in the long run will be their patrons. Waiting 15 minutes to get a drink and even longer to order a meal means only one thing ...

Chef Amanda said...

Salthouse... Wow, Everyone seemed to be talking this place up. So i decided to Venture Forth and see what the hype was about, It seems its completely over rated! the food wasnt good at all. Stale bread, after waiting almost 50mins for our main meals we were ready to walk out. Seems like this place should be doomed to fail with there lack of serive. Completely unhappy with this place all together.

NY Pizza Eater said...

As an American, I as excited when I heard that real NY Pizza was making its way to Cairns. The place called "Avenue A", is said to be owned by the grandson of a famous NY pizza family.

We'll they're open now. It's junk.

Nothing like NY pizza, I was stunned. Soggy crust, and completely wrong sauce and toppings.

I did some investigation, and found that this "chain" is actually an Asian company, with the only link to NY a mail drop in an upscale neighbourhood of suburban New York City. The original "Avenue A" has been closed for twenty years.

Sadly, a complete foodie scam. Shame on former Mayor Byrne for being involved in this thing.

CBD Warrior said...

Regarding the comment dissing the Salt House because they didn't handle an epileptic seizure well. . .

I don't judge a restaurant based on how they handle medical issues. I also don't judge the Cairns Base on how good the martinis are.

Sounds more like a disgruntled restaurateur.

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