Monday, 26 January 2009

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!! Welcome to the Year of the Ox ......

The Chinese pronunciation of "ox" happens to coincide with the English pronunciation of "new". So that "happy niu year" means "happy ox year", which is nicely convenient.

Apparently it also coincides with some other day of lesser significance this year?

Kitchenslut celebrated on friday with a banquet, including dragons and fireworks, down at Cafe China.

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Average Cairns Diner said...

I have always found the food at Cafe China remarkably consistent. I'm not a huge fan of cantonese food, but clearly they do a good job.

Sadly, Cafe China is now pricing themselves out of contention for my dining dollar, however. Pricing here has gone ballistic in the last few years - it would be my guess that "regular" diners are subsidising the meals being provided to Chinese tour groups.

Two people, $65 for a dim sum lunch? Not anymore.

My one other complaint - the A/C has been broken or inadequate for the last year turning the restaurant into a sauna.

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