Thursday, 8 January 2009


I'm keen for some recommendations on the best fish'n'chips around town?

It has always seemed to be something missing in Cairns to me. Yes, we do have seafood restaurants and fish'n'chip takeaways, but we don't seem to have a genuine iconic fish cafe? This is odd given the seaside location and the large number of UK visitors where the fish & chippery, with mushy peas, is almost part of a staple diet.

This isn't a new theme for me. I remember being in an Esplanade bar some years ago when a tourist walked in asking 'where can i get fish & chips' on The Esplanade? He was directed by the barman in the direction of Captain Cook out along Sheridan St. Again this week I was enjpying a quiet vino at the new Bella Vista (who at least mark their glasses so you know you are not being ripped off)where some visitors were discussing where they could get fish'n'chips and seemed to have been directed to Muddies. Now Muddies is ok for what it is and has been good from time to time, but given its conflict with a childrens playground is not quite what I had in mind.


Fosnez said...

There is a nice little place at Trinity Beach I like. They do good fish and chips and burgers as well. Been a while since I have been there... Methinks that is where dinner tonight will be had.

Freshwater Connection said...

Davina's at Freshwater can also be good for takeaway and has some interesting other food things.

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