Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Public Art in Cairns

I think I have finally succeeded in getting a slideshow of Cairns Public Art operational in the sidebar however it should also be available over here at Picasa Web Albums? Suggestions and contributions welcome and I will try to expand and update the slideshow library with identifying captions and comments ......

Public art can often be controversial. When you visit a gallery you can leave it behind. Your own collection is your choice. However, public art is in your face and you must live with it. Council actually have a policy for public art in Cairns. Curiously this is funded out of a levy on new property development, however a direct rationale for the link is not evident to me unless as an externality tax on deficient architecture?

In the last year a small precinct of works have been added at the northern Esplanade parklands. 'Telescopus' by Dom Johns is the most prominent. I like Dom's work and have a small mosaic of his from the Cairns Regional Gallery postcard show a few years ago.

Perhaps our most (only?) iconic public art feature around town is the 'jelly babies' at the CoCA Centre. During last years KitchenSlut abroad foreign sojourn I was impressed by King Bladud's Pigs in Bath, England. A concept which could be adapted here (perhaps as part of Cairns Festival) and create interest among visitors and locals as well as contribute to charity?

However, I wonder if we would be brave enough for something like this multi-story mural on the wall of the Tate Gallery looking out over the Thames in London? It certainly attracted plenty of interest and photography from tourists!

It would also stimulate additional entertainment value with a flow of opinionated reactions to the letters column in the Cairns Post.


Arthur Festerbestertester said...

Dear KitchenSlut, next time you are walking southwards on Lake Street heading for City Place, have a look at the marvels that appear in the Ergon art space just before you hit the cafes on the north-west corner. Some of the stuff that appears there is brilliant. Maybe ergon should think about asking the city council for a deal on some secure space in the middle of city place to take our eyes off that hideous and useless toadstool.

KitchenSlut said...

Yes, Festerbestertester, the Cell Art Space is a good contribution from Ergon albeit the location somewhat obscure tucked behind toadstool and taxi rank which I rarely find reason to pass on my nomadic wanderings around town.

Given the proposal in the Weekend Post to mercifully let the dozers loose on the toadstool and City Place that venue may not be a secure alternative.

The current exhibition at Ergon is from Arone Meeks and you can also see a couple of his works at the Black Roots exhibition at Kickarts in the CoCA Centre.

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