Monday, 2 February 2009

Australus Roastus?

The Blarg of Fosnez has a great post on an attempt to rename kangaroo roast to disassociate it from skippy and make it more palatable. This is a similar theme to our recent post on an attempt to rebrand fish as sea kittens . KitchenSlut still thinks Sea Kittens is a fantastic name for a fish cafe and wonders if it is still open as a business name?

To really appreciate kangaroo you must also appreciate rare meat, particularly because it is lean, and this link on how to cook our symbolic national game by Benjamin Christie is the best I have seen. My preference is the fillets and when done just right on the bbq seared on the outside and warm and pink in the middle when the fillet is sliced, this meat is as good as any other!

A few rare times in the past I have managed to pick up some kangaroo prosciutto from the mighty men at Marshes Butchers in Stratford. A fantastic smokey flavour although the lean dry texture made the prosciutto somewhat crumbly.

For more traditional palates who are squemish about evidence of blood with their meat one would have though corned kangaroo would have some interesting potential given its tendency to be too dry if overcooked by other methods. My dear old Mum told me that an old relative years ago always delivered any fresh roadkill to the local butcher for corning!?

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