Wednesday, 4 February 2009

City Place

The Kitchenslut view of the discussion and proposals in the Weekend Post for City Place and Shields St .......

Well I had hoped to find some more links but as usual the ComPost don't seem to have posted their main story (?) apart from the Gavin King commentary linked above. However, the basic theme is one that people who know me undertstands that I have been advocating for years now. City Place doesn't work and is unlikely to ever work!

A fleet of bulldozers down Lake St to reopen north - south traffic, and help public transport flows, combined with an expansion of public pedestrian areas and or malls down Shields St has been so blindingly obvious for so long that we have to seriously question the imbecility of any civic remnants still locked in a denialist mindset on how to fix City Place!


Arthur Festerbestertester said...

no, anything but the bulldozers other than to remove some of the dreadful commercial tat that past councils have allowed to be built. there's too much traffic in the central block as it is. get the cars out of the city instead, including turning more of Lake Street into a food/music/art/craft/kulcha/alfresco shopping area. And do it with a bit of imagination and elan. Perhaps we could persuade eve stafford or some of the kickarts/jute/coca people to come up with and implement some good ideas. you certainly don't want the conservative knucklehead majority at CRC anywhere near it.

KitchenSlut said...

Can't agree with that Festerbestertester! Reopening Lake St would improve and spread traffic flows. At the moment we have buses (and other traffic) doing loops to get in and out of a dysfunctional, ugly bus terminal.

Shields St is not a through road. Development of a pedestrian mall down Shields linking Central and the CBD to The Esplanade makes perfect sense. This could include all of the features you have mentioned.

Like you I have no faith in CRC (or the private advocates of the market square concept) to do this well.

While we are at it we could replace that ugly soundshell in Fogarty Park with something sensible and use that space better. We could also make The Esplanade one way all the way to the Upwards St roundabout and rid us of that abortion of an intersection at the RSL club.

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