Monday, 9 February 2009

The Moonlight State

Ahh, Queensland .... beautiful one day .... moonlight the next!

Kitchenslut understands that an extremely prominent CBD establishment was recently closed temporarily for health reasons? Who knows whats going on now that it's become common practice for all those places closing not to disclose any notice or reason? We just assume there are problems with the banker? The Courthouse still has has not posted a reason to patrons for closure or to let them know whats going on?

What is interesting here is that, as understood, Queensland still does not require public disclosures of breaches in health laws as has been required in NSW since last year? Correct me if I am wrong?

You can find the list of food places in NSW issued notices of health breaches HERE.

Go and try to find the same info for Queensland? Enjoy those noodles boys and girls, but keep a watch for anything that wriggles :)

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Clifton Ratbag said...

Even the NSW legislation is woefully inadequate, especially in a country so dependent on tourism.

i was recently in Guam. All the restaurants have their last health inspection "grade" posted on a large sign at the entrance. (All you ever see is an "A" or a "B"; restaurants getting a "C" generally rectify the problems immediately and pay for a re-inspection. "D"'s are ordered closed immediately).

This grading system is used widely in other parts of the USA as well, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

And I've also seen similar grading signs on restaurants in Singapore.

This is the direction we should be going, however the politicians as usually are gutless morons.

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