Friday, 13 February 2009

Rusty's Street Food

In many parts of the world 'Street Food' can be a feature of the experience. A small section of Rusty's has now evolved into its owm small street food style enclave. It's at the very far northern end as Rusty's spreads out along Sheridan St with a handfull of food vans and stalls, some tables, a busker, and Billy's coffee.

Gavindas Samosas from inside the main area are good for a snack or brekkie on the run but stopped off today for lunch on Sheridan St. For $8 the Vietnamese chargrilled pork, rice noodles and veges from Saigon Hut was tasty and not bad value. It came with plenty of fresh things to bolster my healthful credentials. The busker wasn't bad either.

Other offerings include an Indian stall, Thai and sushi, as well as a traditional style Aussie street food van. It would be good to see this street food style grow and flourish in that location.

Any recommendations on 'street food' at Rusty's or elsewhere in Cairns Region gratefully accepted?

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