Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Twelve BC

We have previously given 12BC a wrap for their coffee and service . The coffee is still good and its a great place to get an early morning fix of 'Vitamin J' and take in some people watching. The early morning crowd seems mostly local with an eclectic mix; women from the nearby gym, city workers stopping in for breakfast to start the day, very much a locals place at this hour.

The food interest at 12BC is really on the small selections, for both breakfast and lunch, on the blackboard specials menu. These offer a selection of about 4 specials of interesting food at good value. An accomplice and I dropped in for lunch last raindrenched Saturday with the CBD very dead, yet 12BC still seemed to be doing very good business.

From the lunch specials board I went for a chicken, basil & mushroom risotto. My accomplice, Essence, stole my first thought with the nori crumbed mackerel goujons with sweet potato chips, cucumber and ginger pickles with tatsoi salad and a lime mayonnaise.

I was envious when Essence waved a sample of mackeral goujon before my eyes ..... easy to tell from appearance that it was good fish and cooked perfectly. It would have been tempting to bite the morsel from her fork .... however the KitchenSlut is a gentleman! The lime mayonnaise got a special wrap and we were assured they made it themselves. The sweet potato chips maybe don't quite work as chips with more of a roasted texture. I couldn't complain about the risotto and certainly didn't leave any. It was fresh, tasty, and nicely done.

So how to classify Twelve BC ..... where does it fit in? If I had the same food in an expensive restaurant at considerable cost I would likely have been slightly disappointed. However this is a breakfast and lunch cafe. It fills a niche well. It's good value, tasty fresh food with a specials menu much more interesting than the high priced tourist trap formats on The Esplanade.

Give it a go. I think it deserves it and will be back to try the brekkie specials soon .......

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