Saturday, 7 March 2009

Specks of Gold

There are some rich specks of gold to be found amongst the proliferation of blogs. The best offer something personal that provides unique insight. I wish I could offer a fraction as much.

We have previously posted and linked to the blog of the awesome Zoe Brain. The Cablog of Sydney cabbie Adrian Neylan (man of lettuce) has long been noted by blogophiles. Adrian's blog of the Cronulla riots a few years back when he headed his taxi towards the violence against a taxi warning advice is still in my memory and far superior to anything that appeared in the meeja. Locally I never failed to be smitten by the delightful but too infrequent postings of Sweet Madelaine.

My most recent find is Record Preserve Share where I just love these street posters by Craig. The YouTube of the iPhone music also captured me, and I definitely want one of these for the KitchenSlut abode :)

P.S: Typically inspiring I love this video courtesy of Zoe Brain although I also do love my Greek bbq octopus :)

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Arthur Festerbestertester said...

sweet madelaine is too good to post on, i think.

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