Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter musings from Jim's sister

Jennifer Marohasy, is better known as a blogging climate change sceptic than as the sister of Jim Turnour.

Jennifer has offered some easter musings on life and environmentalism which, as a fellow atheistic Darwinian from a culturally christian background (with maybe a whiff of Zen infusion) I thought contained some interesting perspectives.

I was comtemplating the rituals of easter today whilst browsing the meat display down at Woolies with a nice selection of those reduced price specials to shift produce before the use-by date. Now, don't get me wrong, the KitchenSlut staple diet is anything to do with the sea and his freezer is currently well stocked with a selection of scallops in the half shell, imported vietnamese baby squid, green bugs and a handfull of whiting fillets.

However, if I am anthing other than a pious believer why would I be paying inflated easter seafood prices rather than the stock clearing pre-easter meat specials? Presumably the answer would be cultural rather than religious? My assumption is that if there is a God he/she/intersexual is unlikely to be such a narcissistic bastard to send me to hell for the sin of eating discounted lamb's kidneys on Good Friday (sorry to the squeamish for the offal but my mum often served us lamb's kidneys for brekkie when we were kids) in preference to $50 a kilo Coral Trout, or a tin of tuna cat food for that matter?

I will contemplate this over easter in the context of our prominently piously church - going christian Prime Minister's abuse of a junior employee because of his in-flight meal. There are more effective ways to complain about airline food than bullying the waitress .....

P.S. Browsing Jennifer's blog today I was also curious on this posting that Native Ants Kill Cane Toads.

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