Thursday, 6 August 2009


Hanuman is in the Cairns Hilton and is independently operated. Jimmy Shu has brought Hanuman to Cairns following the success and reputation of his Hanuman's in Darwin and Alice Springs. Hanuman defines its cuisine as Thai, Indian, Nonya.

Kitchenslut headed down there with a lovely lady formerly resident in Darwin who was salivating at the prospect of being reaquainted with the signature hanuman oysters. A relaxing vino at Salt House was an ideal palate primer before wandering along the boardwalk for our oyster fix. Mmmmm yum ..... is that enough info?

We took the waiter up on his recommendation of the crispy whole fish ($25.90) and shared this along with a red curry of duck ($23,50). My accomplice reliably selecting duck from a menu whenever available. The fish was exceptional; served upright the waiter then skillfuly filleted the fish at the table, perfect for those intimidated by a whole fish or with a phobia for bones. We couldn't help but explore the remaining skeleton with our forks to ensure none of the succulent flesh remained (note: sucking fish heads in an establishment such as the hilton is not a good look).

We didn't try the dessert menu as the portions were quite adequate. Service was excellent and din't let the experience down as it does so often in Cairns.

Definitely a top ten and also good value for the quality! The Hanuman website provides comprehensive info on menu and prices and also includes some recipes including the oysters!

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Char (PSI Tutor:Mentor) said...

I like Chinese food, of what I have tried, so I will put this restaurant on my date list :-)

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