Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Well Salted

You beat me to it Dutchie, but yes the post was intended as a commentary on Salt House as well as the reopening last week of the old Salted Vue as Salt Temple. Lots of salt being sprinkled around out there!

Salt House is an interesting and innovative venue. Kitchenslut has heard similar negative feedback on the food to Dutchie's experience (see comments). I have only had lunch there once and while I couldn't complain about the standard of the food I could about the value. $34 for a boullabaise lunch main seems high in the current climate and I can't say it's value for money. It was actually quite tasty but the seafood content at that price for lunch just wouldn't bring me back compared to some of the nearby lunch deals at The Pier.

They have been fortunate to have opened into the peak season and fine weather however i'm not sure they will get away with those food prices when the seasons turn and the novelty has worn off. The high food prices don't seem to extend to the bar area where wine by the glass is quite reasonable and comes in a decent serving with the Salt House logo as a measuring guide.

However i'm not sure how well this outside area will work on a steamy hot wet season day. The trees in the rear section are still immature and protection against wind and rain may not be all it should be?! I can also see it being rather hot there in summer. The rear bar area with it's layout for live entertainment is a welcome innovation.

Just some quick notes on the run because Dutchie beat me to it and will enhance later. I havent been to the newly reopened Salt Temple yet but will try and get there soon and be interested in any feedback. As I understand the format and pricing seems to be pretty much the same as the old Salted Vue?


Dutchie said...

If you are talking about the Salthouse - I hope they have by now hired decent chefs and restaurant manager. This is arguably the worst meal I have eaten in Cairns (and the blandest for my partner who had fish on a salad bed). Defnitely worst duck I have ever eten in my life. And no systems in place to handle subsequent complaints. I hope that this has been fixed up as I would love to return to this beautiful venue and enjoy a wonderful meal. Looking forward to reading your review and hopefully finding that it's all sorted.

Fred said...

Hey Slut, have you ever said a positive thing in your Life!

Here local long term families have invested millions into an iconic location in this great city of ours. And they have built an iconic restaurant. They have taken a huge risk. And all you can do is complain about the salad dressing and run the place down right when they open up. They have invested more money than you have earned in your pathetic sour life.

You know nothing about restaurants, food, finance or writing a blog.

How much did your pathetic blog cost ZERO. And you try to use it to hurt people.

Your just pissed off cause you can't afford to go there.

The owners work there themselves and you have the indecency to just try and run them down with negative criticism.

There are locals who add to this community and build it. You are not. You are a leech, you suck off the excess spoils of what development and tourism brings to this community, then complain about it. Are you English?? Winger!

You call yourself slut because you know that deep down thats what you are. You suffer from low self esteem and low self worth. Now you take this forum out to try to lift yourself by putting others down.

There are other thing that you can do...that are also free ...that don't put people down.

Dutchie said...

Fred, reviewing a restaurant involves an honest opinion on all aspects of the business. A customer of the business has every right to write about their experiences. If the business had any sense they would take this on board. It is better that you hear about problems than not as it gives you the opportunity to fix them.

The least important to a customer is how much money you have invested, how much time you put in it. What is important to the customer is exactly what Kitchenslut has written about.

There are, by the way, plenty of positive reviews on this site. Unfortunately, Salt House does not deserve one.

Sure, the owners are to be commended to take such a huge risk and the venue itself is an asset to the town. However, I would suggest Salt House sacked the prima donnas and hired some staff and a proper chef that know what they are doing. And get a manager that whacks the staff into line, sets up proper procedures, you know, the stuff every business this size should do.

Next they should review their prices. That has nothing to do with whether you can afford it or not. Every customer wants value for money, no matter how much you spend.

I would love to spend my money in this beautiful place and that is why I care enough about it to write my experience. And I felt more ripped off than ever before in Cairns.

Yell and abuse all you like. If I were you, I would take note. Customers vote with their feet. If you want them to return you better look after them.

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