Sunday, 18 October 2009

cutlery supremacy denialism

Australia reigns supreme! The $AUD now confirms our moral and cultural superiority!

This would have always been obvious to anyone who bothered to look at our clear superiority in cutlery engineering! Yes! The most brilliant cutlery invention of recent generations, the splayd, is all ours! Disregarded globally as a mere fad for a decade or two now and consequently ignored by undeserving subsequent generations around the world!?

Kitchenslut cringes here as his dear old Mum still sometimes drags the splayds out as the ideal implement to tackle a somewhat sweet and and less than punchy chicken curry! Actually KS is on a current diet of cultural self-masochism and will next weekend be subjecting himself to self imposed torture at the promising 'needle and the damage done' at the Civic, which threatens to be equally shocking!

What? No chopsticks? What sort of culturally biased diagram is that?


The Essence of Good Taste said...

My mum still uses Splayds too! Cheesecake cannot be served with any other tool :)

Steve said...

I know of a closet Splayd user as well. Probably the greatest Australian invention since the Ugg Boot.

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