Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Sense of the Sensual

Associate editor 'Essence' has followed current tourism trends and taken advantage of the surging $AUD and cheap airfares and exchanged the glorious October weather of FNQ for the cold of Eastern Europe where she found a great hideaway from the snow and slush in Warsaw.

Essence also discovered her waitress "was an Indian Fijian who had been in Poland 3 years with her family. She got how cold I was feeling and was so happy to see someone from 'home' - her words. Lovely girl and I left there on a high. Warm of fingers and warm of heart :)"

For currency conversion 1 Polish Zloty today = AUD 38 cents.

Loved the menu

As I've already mentioned, I discovered this great little bar/restaurant on the Royal Walk. Tickled my senses, this bar called Sense.

The menu headings:

Foreplay - entrees
Wet - Soup
Wild - Indian/ Middle Eastern
Hot - Stirfries
Obsession - Curry
Hardcore - Mains
Brief Affairs - Extras
Happy Endings - Dessert


I chose some Foreplay and was not disappointed...
Tempura brie with blue cheese icecream and pistachio crusted grapes, served with pickled cabbage and caramalised vinegar - 35Z
Washed down with a light white wine
Mas Rabell - Parellada from Spain 15Z a glass

The tempura batter encasing the brie was light and crispy, providing an envelope for the warm soft brie which oozed out and mixed with the pickled cabbage and caramelised vinegar - great combination. Next taste explosion was the blue cheese icecream - this provided a series of tastes across the palette. It had a crumbly texture as it was cut, rather like a mature cheddar, but became creamy with a cold but not icy sweetness in the front of my mouth, and finished with the warm blue bite in the throat. This icecream was fantastic with the white wine. Finally, the pistachio grapes. The pistachio clung to the frozen green grape through a strong blue cheese coating. This blue was stronger than the ice cream and tended to over power the other flavours. However, when paired with the cabbage and vinegar, it moderated and worked.

This outlet was warm and relaxed and provided attentive service. I ended up there again today in respite from the snow and wrote much of the last two days experiences. The food and drink on my table would be one bite or sip from completion and the waiter would be at my elbow with an offer of refill. Great way to maximise income on a quiet day. And win loyalty.

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