Thursday, 29 October 2009

service cairns front and centre at salt house

As a ciy dweller tonight I did a little bar crawl. The salubrious newish Salt House was on the agenda. The serving barman managed to sucessfully pour and present my vino and simultaneously during the entire service period engage in a conversation on his mobile! No kidding!!


Anonymous said...

Shit thats nothing. My partner went to the bar and ordered some drinks and in doing so interupted a staff conversation. She dared to ask for a particular wine and was basically told what a pest she was. Then went to start a tab and was told only cash as the EFTPOS was down and too bad. We walked out but stopped and asked for a manager. We got the restaurant manager who was helpful and pointed out that their EFTPOS was working and the tab could have paid at their register.
We left and phoned friends who had been going to join us and went elsewhere.
I emailed the restaurant re the complaint and got no answer.
Now spend my time telling people not to bother.

Dutchie said...

As said before, it's really not good for anything but sitting around and be seen (or something).

After my first horrible experience a fewmonths ago (worst duck I have ever eaten), I recently gave early evening drinks plus a snack another go, only to be disappointed again.

- expensive food (hardly anything on my plate)
- below average quality of food
- terrible service

That's it for me; I won't waste my money there ever again.

I wonder how long it will take for this ship to sink. I sincerely hope no-one recommends this place to tourists; it's bad for the town's reputation.

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