Saturday, 21 November 2009

Hanuman Numero Uno?

The only question is by how far is Hanuman, inside the Hilton, the best in Cairns just now? Excluding Palm Cove and PD ...... but then again value adjusted maybe not and that it deserves to be rated with the salubrious award winners such as Nu Nu etc? Hanuman is exceptional value for quality which makes diners downstairs at Mondo's look like mugs!

Hey, go to Mondo's for a drink and the waterside, but slip upstairs for the food! Too many Hanuman oysters can not be enough! The tasting entree for 2 at $32 is simply exceptional value for comparable quality and quantity against anything in town (maybe Bay Leaf risstafel?). The crispy Thai fish was a standout at a previous visit. The waiters are informed to guide you on what's 'hot'! The spicey aromas wafting around are almost enough to make a visit worthwhile on its own!

The key competitor here is Tamarind at the Casino which is more expensive for a lower ambience location and a recent shocker feedback report to KS of yet another appalling Cairns service experience. Service at Hanuman on two visits equals the best experienced in Cairns ever.

The website link above includes signature recipes but Kitchenslut still just can't get those oysters right .......

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