Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Lemonade Tree

Lemonade Tree has now been open a few weeks at the previous location of Chapter One / Ti Adora and after a visit last Saturday is a welcome small boutiquey addition to the scene worthy of support. The same operators as the previous Star Apple at Yorkey’s Knob which has some good feedback.

Menu is small but has interesting selections reasonably priced and on the Saturday night they also had 3 or 4 additional specials. Can highly recommend the pork belly curry for those into their pork bellies!

It is BYO and they may stay that way so bring your vino as the nearest bottle shop at the Holiday Inn is expensive with limited range (note: there will be a Woolies bottle shop opening around the corner in Aplin next to the IGA)

Service was good for Cairns and they also indicated they would stay open for post show patrons from the CoCA centre next door when there is something on. This is a small gem that should be on any regular favourites list .......

Update: Lemonade Tree is also now offering a 3 course 'ristaffel' offering on the blackboard at $38.50. Bring your BYO bottle and this would make a great value quality dining experience.


Anonymous said...

Snoogies in the city is the way best value and yummiest drinks. Like smoothies juices, double value of any other juice bar anywhere!

Scott Harris said...

My family ate their last night and we had the pork belly curry (amazing!), the penang curry (spicy!), the lamb shanks (tender!) and the salmon.

All of the meals were of an adequate size and the $25 price tag was of excellent value for money.

Highly recommended as per the author's views.

Ali Mac said...

I LOVE this restaurant. I was a HUGE fan of these guys when they ran Star Apple at Yorkeys and devistated when they moved.

The food is gorgeously fresh, and wonderfully aromatic and perfectly compliments a hot tropical eve. Matched only by service that is attentive, personalised and engaging . Alleluia! They're back.

Anonymous said...

Any idea when the Woolies bottle shop mentioned will be open - be up there in May and looking for a bottle shop near the esplanade with resonable prices.

Anonymous said...

For your info - bottleshop next to Iga in Aplin street is now open. Also dined at Lemonade tree last wednesday evening, was a truly fabulous meal. Beautiful fresh flavours and great sized meals. Dessert was amazing - Lemongrass infused Creme Brulee,an absolute must. Also love the BYO, a shame other restuarants don't offer this option, they are all too bloody greedy!! Keep up the great work Ray. Kellie & Allan

Arthur said...

entrees sublime. but mains not so. fish cooked well and very tasty. lamb not so: dry and dull. great splodges of orange sweet potato is not good enough. the orange variety is the least of the sweet potatoes as well. service a bit more than satisfactory.

The Essence of Good Taste said...

Dined with a girlfriend on Friday night. Her first visit, my second. Chose the banquet.
Entrees - vege samosa with lime, calamari and a third item I have forgotten (oops). The samosas were an absolute standout and I'm sure that's why I've forgotten the third item.
Mains of spanish mackeral with a curry temura style batter (hard to describe) that were amazing, chicken green curry with that great sweet and sour bite, and beef randang that was very tasty but a bit tough. Lovely fresh greens and condiments on a side platter beautifully presented.
Desert (we were stuffed but couldn't turn back :)...) was lemon grass brulee (devine), coconut rice pudding, and those little green pancakes they do at Bay Leaf, with the sweet rice stuffing. Yummy!
The desserts were a bit slow coming and the coffee was nearly finished before they arrived but well worth waiting for.
We took our bottle of NZ Sav Blanc and received fast, attentive service although they were packed.
$38 head plus the coffees. Fantastic value for money. Next time I would share two banquests between 3 people and then we could have eaten everything - always feel guilty not clearing my plate :)

Chuckie said...

Okay folks, I'm telling this for your own good! Pls go to A Lemonade Tree NOW as you will not get the opportunity again. This hidden gem in Abbott Street (next door to the giant jelly babies at JUTE) has been a revelation to the Cairns dining scene but is closing its doors after Christmas.

It's a crying shame such an authentic and unpretentious restaurant should struggle to survive rather than flourish against the overpriced and impersonal alternatives in the direct vicinity.

Ray and Apit - your appreciative and discerning following will be lost without you!

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