Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Lemonade Tree

Lemonade Tree has now been open a few weeks at the previous location of Chapter One / Ti Adora and after a visit last Saturday is a welcome small boutiquey addition to the scene worthy of support. The same operators as the previous Star Apple at Yorkey’s Knob which has some good feedback.

Menu is small but has interesting selections reasonably priced and on the Saturday night they also had 3 or 4 additional specials. Can highly recommend the pork belly curry for those into their pork bellies!

It is BYO and they may stay that way so bring your vino as the nearest bottle shop at the Holiday Inn is expensive with limited range (note: there will be a Woolies bottle shop opening around the corner in Aplin next to the IGA)

Service was good for Cairns and they also indicated they would stay open for post show patrons from the CoCA centre next door when there is something on. This is a small gem that should be on any regular favourites list .......

Update: Lemonade Tree is also now offering a 3 course 'ristaffel' offering on the blackboard at $38.50. Bring your BYO bottle and this would make a great value quality dining experience.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Pants Off Salmon

Browsing the food supplement of today's Courier Mail (no link available) KitchenSlut discovered a review of a new food book, "Pants Off Salmon".

The book is $19.95 for only 20 recipes so presumably the value is in the 'panty-drop' rating for each dish?

"It's not a politically correct book - the title suggests that - but in my defence I think girls get a good deal out of it if the guy cooks for them" author Alec Bragg told the CM. Bragg is an Airlie Beach physiotherapist with no culinary training.

:Each dish has been tested at least 10 times by his mates to "idiot-proof" them". There is no indication whether this "idiot-proofing" relates just to the food or includes the panty-dropping?

Braggs own response: " You mean - how much action am I getting? Let's just say I'm a lot happier guy now I'm cooking, but you don't cook and tell"

Curiously for a book aimed at pleasing women there are no desserts .....

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