Thursday, 4 February 2010

Istanbul Kitchen

We have previously posted on the potential of 'street food' at the Rusty's precinct and while wandering last weekend noted the new Turkish offering there. KS looked but didn't buy which sounds like it may have been a mistake from email scuttlebutt floating about such as this today ....

"I tried out the dolmades from Instanbul Kitchen last week and they were absolutely divine. So fresh and such a contrast to the sodden morsels that have languished 4 weeks in the display cabinet at the supermarket deli! Can’t wait to taste the rest of the repertoire -- there was about 4 different traditional, freshly made salads, stuffed zuchinni flowers, condiments and a couple of things I cannot remember the name of... not to mention a tempting array of sweets (which should be a great compliment to Barista Sista)! A full plate costs only $9."

I have since tried this on the following friday. Apart from the dolmades, the stuffed zucchini were a standout. Also the green bean salad for a healthy fix, and the orange and cinnamon baklava for dessert made up a cheap light sunset beach picnic at $14 for 2. Geez I hope I got that right as he was too busy to work it out with a few people waiting and all wanting a selection so I worked out the bill and rounded it up to $14!

Update: No sooner had it all started than it was all over. Istanbul Kitchen is gone already despite being popular. An absence of motivation apparently!

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