Wednesday, 10 March 2010

feast of the senses

The 'feast of the senses' kicks off in Innisfail next week on Friday, 19th March. I have just stumbled on this after listening to an ABC radio interview with Clare Richards from Tropical Cuisine. Clare is to be a judge in the Ultra Tropics BBQ Recipe Competiton as part of the Festival of the Senses in Innisfail, which starts the 19th of this month.

This could be an opportunity for any aspiring foodies out there to show their style however entries close this Friday so you will have to be quick! There will be a final cook-off at the market day on Sunday, March 28.

The Kitchenslut is famous for his pyrotechnic seafood bbq, however as I have never learnt to follow a recipe, this is more a process outline than a defined recipe which would meet the competition criteria.

Kitchenslut seafood bbq process:
1)Open wine bottle.
2)Mix n match various combinations of quality seafoods, lime, garlic, ginger, mint, chilli, coriander, nahm jim, green mango or whatever else seems like a good idea at the time while consuming vino.
3)Do not commence cooking until at least half the bottle is consumed.
4)Limit extra virgin olive oil sprays during cooking to short bursts to reduce possibility of distracting explosion (note: ignore safety warning on can)
5)Don’t overcook!

The only other critical factor is a secret, well seasoned, stainless steel mesh seafood grill which is a family heirloom acquired many years ago now and passed down by my dear old dad.

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