Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hanuman slips

After previous rave reviews and annointing of Hanuman as number one in Cairns I would have to say I was a little disappointed with a return visit last Saturday night.

The service had slipped from the previous exceptional level. Perhaps we just had an inexperienced waitress who wasn't able to clearly tell us what was on the tasting plate. Looking around we also noted that for other diners being served the crispy whole fish that this was no longer filleted at the table by the waiters as it has been previously. This was a reason we decided not to choose the whole fish which had been a highlight for it's theatre and ease of sharing.

My dining companion and I chose a selection of four entrees to share. All the selections were well presented and high quality without inspiring the previous rave reviews. The standout were the trumpet mushrooms, topped with a fine mince of pork, prawn & spices warmed with coconut cream.

On this experience I really can no longer say that Hanuman is a standout ahead of the pack. My lovely dining companion however ensured an exceptionally enjoyable evening. Good shared company is as important to a dining experience as anything else!


Clifton Guy said...

Your latest experience mirrors ours.

We arrived at opening, a group of employees were clustered around the entry area some still in street clothes. When someone finally noticed us standing there, they looked at their watch and said "oh, I guess we're open". We were seated and then waited while one of these employees changed into a (disheveled) uniform and reappeared.

Food also was not what it was previously.

I'm not surprised that a Cairns restaurant can't maintain consistency from one week to another - that's sadly typical here. I am surprised that this collapse in standards has occurred in one of our "flagship" hotels, however.

Dutchie said...

Sounds like the boss is back in Darwin...

Anonymous said...

Extremely disappointed with both the food and service after enjoying the sublime menu and wonderful service at Hanuman, Darwin, for a number of years. We took friends to Hanuman for their wedding gift and frankly were quite embarrassed. Not only was the food very ordinary, our waitress chased us down the street after the meal to ask why we had not paid. (We had settled the bill with another staff member at the register so our guests would not see the bill.) We will never return and advise others to do the same.

Russellnmichelledoamerica said...

While staying at the Hilton, we dined on Monday night and the atmosphere. The atmosphere, service and food were spot on!

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