Thursday, 18 March 2010

Lilypad leaps again!

Yes, after a short lived previous foray the laidback Lilypad has again leapt into the night. Lilypad is now open in the evenings from Tuesday to Saturday. The simple menu is not as adventurous as previously but still does feature some interesting selections such as the Georgian-style quail.

Wednesday nights also brings live music from Paris Texas providing Lilypad with an ambience unique in Cairns .........

.......... but ....... it has once more had a short life and Lilypad by night is again no longer *sob*

1 comment:

Dutchie said...

Was so happy to hear this. Will make it there soon. All I hope is that they will advertise their evening opening hours better and market themselves better this time! Maybe someone should send Andrew Griffiths round?

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