Friday, 5 March 2010

A sign of the times

The small French Cafe Lumiere, on the boardwalk in front of Harbour Blights, has ceased tradingfor dinner. This precinct has never taken off and remains half vacant with just Dundee's and Olano's now trading for dinner.

My only experience at Cafe Lumiere last year was excellent and included a delicious Coquille St Jaques and a tasty rabbit dish. Its menu wasn't cheap although I couldn't complain about the value for money.

The shame is that Lumiere was one of the few in town to openly promote local produce on the menu board. So, I didn't get to try their braised Atherton Pig's trotter and instead wandered along to Olano for some OK mussels with not enough crusty bread to mop up the juices.
Update: I did drop by Cafe Lumiere at the weekend and shared a vino with some delightful company. A discussion with the owner confirmed that it wasn't worth their while opening in the evening with business so slow. More disappointing was her comment that some had criticised their most recent menu as "too adventurous for Cairns" while the plethora of franchises and pizza shops continues to grow.

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