Friday, 5 March 2010

Theatre deadlines @ The Edge

Some of the Kitchensluts more prominent dining angsts in Cairns have revolved around theatre deadlines. These can be tricky! A 7.30 or 8pm start for a show doesn't leave much room for great night to enjoy both food and entertainment.

Consequently some memorable experiences include leaving cash on the table and just running from Naked Nut; cancelling desserts; and dashing from Khin Khao Thai down Grafton St to Civic to arrive breathless as the doors are being closed. ALL after being absolutely assured that they would feed us get us out of their restaurant in ample time for the show! Did they lie to us!

Tonight KS was scheduled in for the Little Theatre at Rondo and by rights this night should have turned into a disaster. Almost an hour late for dinner (our fault after drinks elsewhere) we even considered scuttling the show to give time to at least enjoy the food.

Had wanted to try Yama at The Edge for a while and finally getting there, timepoor, there was no disappointment with the food and especially the service! The urgent timeframe kicked in fast with advice on what they could get out of the kitchen to still get us to theatre on time.

The sushi kitchen was loaded with orders so that was out! The hot kitchen delivered with more time to spare than any of the other previously mentioned restaurant failures and rescued the night to have as the show with time to spare! Will even have to check out the menu on what we had for more detailed food comment sorry. A tasty chicken dish, some beautifully presented light seafood and vegetable tempura, and the standout was the dumplings ..... exceptional!

How good is it to be able to write about such a wonderful experience in Cairns for a change!?


Ed at Edge Hill said...

You're going to have to tell me what "secret handshake" you've used at the Edge to get quick service. While Sammy (Cairns longest open restaurant owner at Yama) is fabulous as always, we've found the surly and non-Japanese style service at the Edge so abusive we've given up on it. And sadly, we've found this surly nature is from the top down!

Dutchie said...

I agree. I must have also ordered all the wrong things or Sammy was not cooking, because to me it tasted like Japanese food adapted for European taste. And grossly overpriced (especially for someone with assumably low overheads). I will just stick to Kampai myself for a quick, fresh and friendly Japanese bite.

KitchenSlut said...

It seems this post and comments are now irrelevant with Sammy and Yama to depart The Edge at the end of May according to their latest Club Relish email:

Press Release:

Yama @ the edge to close at the end of May
Our decision to end Yama has been a difficult one, however it is an important business decision that had to be made. We would like to thank Sammy, AK and the whole Yama team and of course you our customers. Be assured that The Edge Food Store will continue to delight you for years to come.
Yama @ the edge
Open for dinner
Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings
last evening
Saturday 30 May.

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