Monday, 26 April 2010

Anzac Day

Sunday, Anzac Day and a long weekend certainly brought some much needed life and vibrancy back into the city! Rusty's and the city cafe's were buzzing in the morning as KS wandered the streets for a fix of food supplies and people watching! The sound of live music wafting down the graffiti lane from the excellent little Caffiend provided an extra cosmopolitan touch to Grafton St. It just felt good to be alive and in the city after the recent dead months.

Along with some fruit & veg KS also picked up a bargain anthology of erotic 17th and 18th century French poems from a Rusty's bookstall and wandered off around the boardwalk to The Pier for lunch. The restaurants at The Pier were also doing lively trade. Sadly I also note at the Alliance Francaise website that the excellent French Cafe Lumiere on the boardwalk at Harbour Lights is soon to close. A great shame!

Always opting for the more adventurous I went for the deep fried cod fillets with a corn cream sauce and rice from the $10 specials board at Cho Gao. I have wondered since why? Not that there was anything wrong with any of the components, especially for only $10, just that corn doesn't seem to me to be a good match with fish, especially deep fried? KS recommends removing the fillets from the sauce before the batter becomes a touch soggy and doing the corn sauce with the rice?!

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