Wednesday, 14 April 2010

good bad and ugly in palm cove

I stumbled on this report, a second chance in the tropics, at the SMH travel website. The writer ended up at Peppers after walking out of another un-named Palm Cove resort and again the focus is on service and quality standards in Cairns.

We had spent a night at another "top" Palm Cove resort and while it wasn't Fawlty Towers by any means, when you have just a week, and have come this far, you don't want to be disappointed. Poor airconditioning, crappy pools, uncomfortable beds and unsittable furniture were bad enough but $94 for a basic room-service meal for two was the last straw.

Most of the report is a big wrap for Peppers although one never know just how genuine or advertorial such travel reporting is? There were also some interesting snippets in the comments on dining options in Palm Cove:

Peppers offers four dining options, plus the best morning coffee on the strip. Lime & Pepper utilises local produce in its tropical menu and claims, for some reason, to offer "eccentric" cuisine. (They probably mean eclectic but whatever they mean, breakfast there was excellent).

Chok Dee Thai restaurant was well short of the high-quality Thai in Sydney but Nu Nu's Asian fusion was very tasty. Wonderful garlicky aromas wafted from Bella Baci Italian, teasing us as we headed out to take the kids to Macca's. The room service tucker was excellent too - promptly delivered, reasonably priced and an extensive menu of child-friendly options.

Palm Cove village delights in its exclusivity and is full of up-market resorts, villas, boutiques, galleries and restaurants. Even the greasy-spoon diner and general store, Pete's, boasts a rack of quality silk sarongs, tucked away between the magazines and breakfast cereals. Pete's does a terrific old-style hamburger and is open until 7 o'clock but rather quaintly - and a little gruffly - stops cooking at 6.30pm sharp.

Interesting here is that at the recent regional food branding workshp Nick from Nu Nu was vehemently opposed to any hint of the word 'fusion' in food marketing. The word apparently has poor connotations and acceptance from previous experiences. Maybe it's ok to fuse but just don't describe yourself that way and Nu Nu describe themselves as "predominantly asian and mediterranean inspired".

Kitchenslut was also perturbed to discover his own culinary skills have a local competitor in the field of eccentric cuisine! How dare they!

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