Friday, 16 April 2010

new food court opens with a bang

The new food court in the Cairns Square development opened recently with Red Rooster as the first and so far only outlet. That's it down the end near the Abbott St entrance.

Next to that the Kebab World franchise is set to open. Mmmm sounds exciting, NOT?! Walk by and turn down Shields to Yofi if in search of a kebab fix!

No problem finding a table here and I suspect this location will struggle for some time even up against the apalling Night Markets foodcourt. At least the refurbishment of this building on the cnr of Shields and Abbott is a positive improvement for the city!

My city preference for foodcourts if I have one remains the tiny Mainstreet Arcade with a few Asian offerings including the Curry Bowl and Snoogies health bar.

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