Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wink II and yet another Thai

The Esplanade site of what was previously The Chapel has certainly been through many changes in recent years. he entry has even been remodelled twice toremove the dual upstairs entrances and then replace them.

It looks like it is now fully occupied again with the opening of the 'Contemporary Thai' Iyara upstairs. This location certainly had a great balcony although I'm not sure that yet another Thai restaurant in town really excites me if it's going to be just a standard menu? The menu now on display here is smaller and far more expensive than standard Thai offerings. Perhaps too expensive in the current climate with barramundi fish mains at $35. I look forward to some feedback but unless i'm there on the balcony it's likely I would still prefer to wander around the corner to Lemonade Tree for my Asian fix with more Indonesian influences.

More interesting is downstairs where the Cocoa Amour cafe will now incorporate the Wink II  restaurant and wine bar. This is associated with the Wink restaurant on the cnr of Spence and Grafton.

KS dropped in for an excellent morning coffee and perused the dinner menu of tapas style selections along with a small list of five mains. The food looks interesting enough to try as would be expected from the Wink people so will be back to sample the fare. I'm not sure the wine list really grabbed me enough to make it a genuine winebar of the type missing in Cairns. There is also a breakfast and luch menu which in some respects I felt competed with the Cocoa Amour all-day savoury selections so it will be interesting to see how this dual arrangement works out.

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CBD Observer said...

Other business failures continue unabated while new ones rise in their place.

The Subway just next to Cocoa Amour on the Esplanade has closed (it was owned by Taipan Gary Boodnikoff). The Cold Rock just up the street is for sale and nearly done, but for a corner with FOUR ice cream shops this was inevitable. And the Coffee Club just outside BiLo at Cairns Central is closed, and completely gone. Several more food businesses at Cairns Central are also close to collapse after having their shop rents raised 30% and more.

It isn't a good time for Cairns.

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