Wednesday, 5 May 2010

the best pasta ever

A weeeknd soujourn to Cape Trib saw KS and his English Rose accomplice traveling home on labour day Monday. After a late start, diversions via Cow Bay and the back roads of Mossman, deliberations on a lunch venue saw us finally roll into Port Douglas just in time for a late lunch at Salsa Bar.

Hunger ensured deliberations were short and we both presciently went for the pasta special; a swordfish and tiger prawn linguine. The flavours were an exceptional combination including lime, garlic and subtle chilli infusion. The English Rose is something of a pasta fiend and simply declared it 'the best pasta ever'. The serving was enought to satisfy a healthy appetite and The Rose was beaten but refused to give in until the plate was empty!

Salsa Bar is consistently an exceptional experience and prices are far from exhorbitant for the standards and quality.

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