Thursday, 30 September 2010

Eat Safe Cairns?

Brisbane City Council is set to launch its Eat Safe program in November. Food outlets will voluntarily display their rating from two to five stars. A single star apparently is non-compliance. The rating system is based on the states Food Act and Food Safety Standards.

The Cairns Post recently reported that "almost one in five restaurants, hotels, pubs and other outlets in Cairns have been caught breaking food hygiene laws - but the authorities say customers have no right to know which they are."

So why not here?

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Anonymous said...

The eating establishments that got a low score, majority of them was because they did not have their records & logs recorded (paperwork), the ones that got a high score, were very offie with how it works. Simplified manual, that is what they used. Majority of restaurants that purchased one received a top rating score. Unfortunately, most places did not have the time to download templates, go to meetings, they are trying to make a quid, and perhaps BCC could have been more helpful..ESB manuals 1300406232
I am very passionate about the hospitality industry, very disappointed about the lack of listed ratings in star rating directory, they display rating if score is high, if they rated 2 and below, which is not acceptable to Food Safety Standard, they don’t have to show their are we supposed to know the dodgy eateries? List them; we have a right to know..Name & shame

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