Thursday, 7 October 2010

Are Cairns restaurants too expensive?

Well I did say I would comment more on Gavin King's rant and KS being what he is finds it difficult to get too many thoughts in one place with what could turn into something longer than a Tolstoy novel. Maybe I would be more productive backblogging too many unposted real food experiences but ..... the comments exchange between King and Craig Squire from Ochre went like this:

Craig Squire: "how do you know that a similar dinner would be cheaper in southern capitals? I would beg to differ, in my discussions with colleagues and by experience Cairns mains are on average $5 to $10 cheaper than brisbane, melbourne and sydney."
Gavin King: "In terms of your comments about prices at restaurants in capital cities compared with Cairns - you need to get out more."

I hear this often but if there is one thing that should be able to be more objective it is this? So I went to the C'est Bon website to compare their prices between Cairns, Brisbane, and Melbourne. C'est Bon is interesting as it has restaurants in these capitals and also falls within the more upmarket expensive segment in Cairns.

The menu is not consistent but comparable between locations.  The prices are broadly comparable with all mains above $30. The Cairns C'est Bon 'fish of the day' at $30 is $5 cheaper than Melbourne. Coq au vin is $2 cheaper in cairns thann Brisbane. Some entrees may be slightly more exxy in Cairns.  The businesss lunch offers are the same at all.

KS is agnostic but open on this and is an obsessive where objective information is available!?


Esplanade Trader said...

The new "Grill'D" restaurant on the Esplanade is one point of reference.

This chain has posted menus from all its locations on the web. From what I can tell, the Cairns location is $1 per burger more expensive than their southern locations.

It would be my guess that this is totally related to the cost of commercial leasing in the Cairns CBD, which is completely out-of-control. Despite the downturn, virtually every business I know in the CBD has seen big rental increases this year. Since the cost of commercial leasing is based in large part on "customers delivered" by the location, these increases are completely unwarranted. But there is a small cartel of building owners in the Cairns CBD who all act in concert to continually raise rental pricing - a practise that is damaging the restaurant business as well as most business generally.

Arthur said...

the meat is not the only thing grilled there. try patrons' pockets. 12BC remains a great bargain.

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