Sunday, 24 October 2010

Gavin King Memorial Yak Vomit Award

In response to Gavin King's recent provocative attack on Cairns restaurants, KitchenSlut has decided to take the initiative and sponsor the inaugural Gavin King Memorial Yak Vomit Award for the most outstanding lamb shank dish at a Cairns restaurant. This award is named in honour of the finest descriptive prose from his infamous column:

"Maybe there was an international food competition in the rural provinces of Moldova, where this restaurant's lamb shanks scooped the top prize in a close decision against a traditional local soup dish made with just a pinch of salt and several generous scoops of yak vomit".

Kitchenslut hates to be pedantic given The King's reputation for accurate journalism, but one would have thought a Yak would have to stray some distance from its traditional Himalayan homeland to even be in Moldova? Perhaps Gavin meant some different kind of Yak?

We will also provide ratings with a yak symbol (below) so each lamb shank dish can be rated at one, two, three, four or five yaks. Restaurants will be able to display their Yak rating so never again will the Editor-At-Large wander the dangerous streets of Cairns ignorant of where to get himself a decent shank! A presentation shank feast at the winning establishment is anticipated.

However there are only so many lamb shanks one can eat in a limited time so Kitchenslut calls for nominations to be shortlisted. I will start here and update this post as we go .......... a few suggestions google gremlins have struck and deleted subsequent entries!

Nominations for the Gavin King Yak Vomit Award for 2010

Naked Nut
Lamb shanks, tomato and root vegetable concasse, potato duchess, French green beans  $29.50
Braised lamb shanks – bush tomato infused sauce – parsnip mash and gremolata  $30

Lamb shanks, rich casserole, slow cooked lamb served w potatoes  $28

Plantation Hotel Cairns
Lamb shanks braised slowly w rosemary, thyme, red wine and tomatoes served w roasted pumpkin, baby carrots, truffle potato mash and broccolini  $29

Bello Caffe
Lamb shanks, slow oven baked  on a bed of garlic mash soiled in a gravy of veg  $26.90

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Dutchie said...

Cock 'n' Bull and Crown Hotel do some nice lamb shanks as well. From memory, the Cock 'n' Bull use a tomato based sauce. The Crown Hotel probably has the best value ones (huge portion), with more of a gravy based sauce. They also cook until fairly late; as a late diner, that's a plus for me.

Chuckie said...

Sorry. I do not consider any venue where you have to queue to order your meal worthy of an award...even one of the yak vomit variety... named in honour of our illustrious 'editor at large'.
Me thinks KitchenSlut has unwittingly raised The King's notoriety which only serves to feed his ego - not the long suffering readers of the Cairns Post who yearn a better quality of print journalism... or even a decent restaurant review would do?

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