Sunday, 14 November 2010

deep taste

The weekend brought us the final of the Taste Paradise signature dish competition and there was indeed some deep tasting happening as the Mayor tucked in! It revived memories of Kitchensluts most lost photo opp wandering past Villa last year where an ex Mayor graphically displayed himself with a mobile glued to one ear, pasta spilling grotesquely from his mouth, and a big glass of red in the other hand! Oh dear .... the Mayor of Porpoise Spit complete! More spag bol George and don't hold back on the vino *slurp* *slop* *burp* *fart*!?

However, our current Mayor displayed impeccable table manners and decorum despite hailing from Machans Beach!

Craig Squire from Ochre was the winner with his tempura bugs. Curiously the voters choice didn't even show for the finale and unless there is a good reason I would suggest it's just poor form? I did have an email from Nola Craig, which I have since lost, that Chriso couldn't make the finale because of another engagement. This seems to be confirmed by comments from Chriso's cheer squad. 


Anonymous said...

Here is the reason why Chriso The Personal Chef was not at the cook-off... He was away catering for a wedding that day so therefore was unable to attend. The wedding had been booked in for over 7 months!! As this cook-off date was chosen pretty much at the last minute (considering they had months to give notice about it!) by the organisers, Chriso had no prior notice of this at the beggining of the competition. The organisers obviously didnt even check with the finalist (Chriso)if he was available for the selected date - a quick phone call to sort this out would of been nice! After all - he is a caterer, sole operator and it was a weekend during his peak season... of course he will be busy working for functions on a Saturday! Not impressed with the organisers - because quite clearly by your post - they havent made it clear to the public why Chriso could not attend - as its due to their lack of communication and inconsistancy! Chriso was very disppointed he could not be there - along with many of his supporters who are all very .... well lets say pissed off...

Kaz said...

Also - As Chriso could not attend his dish could not be considered in the final descision... so of course he would of gone if he could! If Chriso had of been able to attend - his dish would have won for sure once they tasted it! It is fresh, succulent, juicy, healthy and tropical all laced with gorgeous flavours of mango and coconut... much better than deep fried bugs!

Anonymous said...

You know i read so much about what people expect from cafes/restaurants and staff,that it is very annoying at times.I have the problem, that i cannot get work as a chef because i am to qualified, what does a person have to do!.On the tablelands people do not want food that is created by someone who knows what they are doing-just throw it in the fryer and drown it in gravy,people disappoint me at times,you have my email,lets see what happens? HOHUM

Chuckie said...

Yes, it appears Kitchen Slut may have been too quick to criticise... perhaps not the first time KS has fired off a salvo without first checking the facts??

For those interested, Chriso will be a guest on the ABC morning show next Monday at 10.30am so culinary types will still be able to get their fix of a fresh, locally inspired dish they can create, too.

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